Beginners and pros alike are encouraged to take part.


Each session level is designed to cater for players of a similar standard and playing experience to help them progress their game. Pick a session below that interests you to book now. For the beginner and intermediate / advance sessions please read the descriptions provided to see which one closely describes your playing ability before making your booking.


Suitable for those who are completely new to tennis as well as those who haven't played much and can't currently rally. You have none or limited knowledge of grips, how to hit the ball and you often tap the ball rather than swing through the shot. We offer a 6 week intensive course that repeats through the year. It will cover all of the basics, each session will focus on one key area to help players develop their game.

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Suitable for those who play recreation-ally or are coming back to the game after a long hiatus. You have developed your own way of rallying, have limited knowledge of grips or how to hit over the ball and you often tap the ball rather than swing through the shot. Each session will focus on one key area to help players develop their game.

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Suitable for those who have experience playing tennis and can comfortably hit the ball over the net and have a rally of around 5 shots and upwards. You struggle with consistency and/or your technique needs improving. You can hit over the ball and follow through with top spin on both your forehand and backhand.

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We run a fantastic coaching programme all year in line with the school term. With the help of our coaches children will develop their technical skills learning how to rally, serve and volley as well as learn how to play and score a game of tennis. We use smaller courts and softer bouncing balls for younger children to make the game more accessible. All players receive a players card that outline objectives for them to work towards each term. This allows both child and parent to see where progress is being made.

Tots (ages 4-5)

Our tot sessions are designed for our youngest players to strengthen their hand eye coordination and general movement. The main focus is on their ABC's (Agility, Balance, and Coordination). ABC's are taught through fun and engaging games.

The skills they acquire will benefit them as they grow up across all sports and physical activities. Players will get their first chance to hold and swing a racket but there will be limited focus on hitting at this stage.

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Mini Hitters (ages 6-9)

Using small courts and soft felt balls, young kids will start to develop basic technical skills learning the shots in tennis. They will strengthen their ability to receive and send the ball.

Fun drills and games will let players develop their understanding of how the sport is played including serving and scoring a tiebreak.

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Juniors (ages 10-14)

Players at this age will use a full size court. Beginners to experienced players will continue to work on their technical ability but now there will be more emphasis on tactics and exploring game situations.

Each session will conclude with some form of competition for players to test what they have learned.

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